Melanated Bloodlines Restoration

A word from the founder



As CEO & Founder of Melanated Bloodlines Restoration (MBR), it brings me joy to be at this place in my journey where I can truly give back with love and passion using the Divine gifts given to me as a Chiron (Wounded Healer).

It’s all about healing. From internal to external, our goal is to provide you with the roots to Build, Restore, or Improve your Universal Well-Being experience, no matter where you are on your journey.

With MBR products & services you can receive thorough, Customized Restoration Plans (CPR) to shift and reconstruct, Customized Teas (FTB) & Irish Sea Moss Blends (SMB) to annihilate and eliminate, Body Scrubs to release and remove, Infused Oils to relax and rejuvenate, Lotion Bars to remind and regroup, and Salves to rebuild and restore.

All products are made with Organic, Natural and RAW ingredients directly from nature and or trusted sources. By using organic herbs, spices, seeds, roots, oils, tinctures, flowers, plants, & fruits from natural sources, Universal healing and Ultimate health is a must!

So get to the root of it all and reverse the decay of the past to regenerate life for the future!

Yours Truly,
Donna “Habeeb’ullah” Roberts